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Welcome to St. Augustine's #1 Rated Haunted Pub Crawl

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St. Augustine has it all: stunning beaches, remarkable history, haunting stories, and plenty of cocktails to wash the terror down. Enjoy delightful spirits straight from the St. Augustine Distillery while you digest terrifying tales of sinister Spirits that cast a dark cloud over the sunny skies of the “Old City.” Take a racy walk with Old City Ghosts Boos and Booze Haunted Pub Crawl through downtown St. Augustine where you’ll sip on signature drinks as potent as the haunted history you’ll discover on our adults-only pub crawl.


Discover St. Augustine's Most Haunted Places:

Casa de la Paz

Known as the House of Peace, Casa de la Paz is filled with anything but. The hotel is said to be haunted by the “Waiting Bride,” a woman who roams the hotel in search of her husband, who died in a boating accident. Guests claim to have been confronted by the apparition, being asked where her husband is before vanishing. The most horrific activity occurred in the Queen Isabella room, a terrifying tale you’ll hear with Old City Ghosts.

The Tini Martini Bar

Situated in The Casablanca Inn, this snazzy bar is known for its delectable martinis that you’ll need a few of when you hear the ghostly legends of the Inn. In the 1920s, the building served as a boarding house, but when it proved to be unprofitable, the owner became a bootlegger as they were in the midst of Prohibition. Should you see a flashing light shining from the beach, you might become the next story we tell on this salacious haunted ghost tour.

A1A Aleworks

There’s plenty to drink in St. Augustine, and our haunted pub crawl will show you why. Enjoy their signature Beachside Cocktails while you learn of the bodies excavated from these grounds just a few short years ago. In 2016, the skeletal remains of children were discovered during a renovation. Today, the creepy sound of disembodied laughter can be heard, while others have reported the spine-chilling sight of an inhumane figure posing as a child. Don’t worry; we play a drinking game right after we tell you these gruesome tales.

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Tours are held daily, rain or shine, and year-round. Please see a list of available tours below to book your tour today, or for more information.

Amp2 TV Productions

Excellent and we got pictures and sounds!!!

25 Nov 2023

David Jackson

James had a lot of historical details and info in his stories. Not just ghost stories. Fun and interesting.

29 Oct 2023

Steven Raughton

Our guide was great! Lots of history and lots of spooky tales of ghostly encounters and ghastly atrocities. Really enjoyed it!

27 Oct 2023

James Bigbie

Crazy good, had me jump at one part

25 Oct 2023


Welcome to
St. Augustine's #1 Rated Haunted Pub Crawl

Welcome to
St. Augustine's #1 Rated Haunted Pub Crawl

A place doesn’t get the title of a Nation’s Oldest City without picking up a few otherworldly scars along the way. Explore St. Augustine’s dark, bloody past the way it was meant to: with some liquid courage from some of the best bars in Old City. Grab the fan-favorite Tini Martini and prepare to uncover the terrifying truth of this quaint and cozy beach town. This haunted pub crawl isn’t for the faint of heart or those who’ve yet to reach the 21-year-old mark – sorry, kids!


St. Augustine has a fascinating albeit haunted history that dates back to the 1500s and the tattered apparitions to prove it. Our adults-only haunted pub crawl introduces you to the risque side of this beachside dream, where even the most unsuspecting of locations harbor a deep, disturbing secret that we recommend consuming with a shot of your favorite spirit.


Tonight, we take you on an entertaining journey where curfews are outlawed, and we raise our glasses to the wicked. Take a night off from your parental duties and join us for an unforgettable evening of ghost stories, tasty drinks, and a few drinking games to keep you nice and… brave. Book your sitter, then book your haunted pub crawl of St. Augustine tonight!


Why Choose St. Augustine Ghosts Haunted Pub Crawl


Whether you’re here on vacation or are a longtime resident, St. Augustine Ghosts Haunted Pub Crawl offers a fun and intoxicating way to take in the tales of the city’s long-forgotten past. Here are a few more reasons to book your haunted pub crawl of St. Augustine tonight!


  • You’ve already explored the beaches and want to see what dry land has to offer
  • You did your time in Orlando and Disney World. Now it’s time for some grown-up fun
  • You want to try and capture the Waiting Bride at the Casablanca Inn – but not without a Tini Martini, of course
  • You want to do something different than the regular Happy Hour
  • You simply need a break from the kids
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