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St. Augustine is the oldest, continuously occupied European settlement and city in America, founded in 1565. With nearly a half-millennium’s worth of indigenous, Spanish, English, and American history under its belt, the Old City more than earns its title and nickname. Over the course of so many centuries of time, it is an inevitability that some ghosts have been left behind in the coastal city. Colonists, soldiers, pirates, and regular, civilian residents have all been spent time in St. Augustine, with some unlucky souls leaving behind an ongoing legacy of haunted history throughout the city’s historic district.

On our Old City Ghosts ghost tour, we visit St. Augustine’s most haunted locations. Each stop on our tour has been thoughtfully chosen with a consideration of historical significance and cultural interest in mind. What you’ll hear from our guides on a tour with us is creepy, informative, and interesting.

At Old City Ghosts, we strive to frighten and enlighten. Our tour scares our guests with the gruesome details of the hauntings, their backgrounds, and the paranormal presences still dwelling at each of our sites. On the more educational side, our tour also provides guests with historical information relevant to each haunted location, so you can better understand and appreciate not only St. Augustine, but the authentic weight of each haunting account. Combined, these factors make the Old City Ghosts tour experience one that causes both your heart and mind to race.

The Old City Ghosts tour is suitable for anyone interested in St. Augustine’s haunted history. We offer something for everyone. For visitors, you’ll get a look at the city unlike the average tour, as the average tour might only tell you about the city’s history, but not its paranormal mystery. For locals, you’ll understand your hometown with a totally new context. No matter your degree of knowledge on American history, Floridian history, the world of the paranormal, or St. Augustine itself, you’ll enjoy our tour. We especially welcome those who want to challenge their fears or assumptions about ghosts, and those who are simply curious and want to discover the entire history, however disturbing it can be, of St. Augustine’s past and present.

After experiencing the Old City Ghosts tour, you’ll leave with:

  • Better knowledge about St. Augustine, its paranormal activity, its history, its culture, the history of Florida, and the history of America
  • A new appreciation of America’s oldest city
  • A different perspective on the actual nature of the divisions between “our world” and the “spirit world”
  • Haunting memories from a extraordinary time well-spent

Though St. Augustine has endured for hundreds of years, that doesn’t mean it should be taken for granted. Don’t let another yet century pass without having explored all this gorgeous, ghoulish city has to offer. Book today.

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Why is St. Augustine so haunted?

Though there are other American cities that may be considered old, St. Augustine holds the title of America’s oldest city. Lasting 453 years and counting, the Old City more than lives up to its nickname. The enduring nature of the city’s architecture, history, and culture against all odds of time, conflicts, and natural disasters is shared by the enduring spirits who call several of the city’s properties their eternal home.

St. Augustine’s ghosts date back as far as the city has existed, as the spirits of some of the city’s earliest settlers have remained in their bodies’ places of burial or death. With every subsequent century, new sets of ghosts have been left behind, right up until the modern age.

Evidently, St. Augustine is haunted quite simply due to its immense age and the basic nature of life and death. When so many generations of people live and die as they have in the Old City, not every one of the deceased manages to make it over the threshold.

The dutiful preservation of St. Augustine’s historic properties has also done a great deal to not only preserve the history and character of the city, but the ghosts that linger inside. In such a picturesque place, can you really blame them for never leaving?

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