Ghost Tour Meeting Location: Plaza de la Constitución next to 48 King St

Tour Duration: 1hr. across 1 mile

To Order: Press "Get Tickets" for availability.

Ghost tours are held nightly, rain or shine!

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The St. Augustine Monster
Tickets Start At $25

Old City Ghosts: Phantom Pirates & Poltergeists Tour

Experience the terrors and spirits lurking in the colonial shadows of this quaint Florida town with a history older than America itself!

Meeting LocationTour Meeting Location: All tours meet by the white obelisk monument in the center of the Plaza de la Constitución. This is across from the Cathedral Basilica in St. Augustine.

Tour TimeTour Times: 8:00 PM

Tour LengthTour Length: 1 Hour

Tour WeatherGhost tours are held nightly, rain or shine!

At Augustine Ghost Tour
Tickets Start At $25

St. Augustine: Old City World of Pirates Experience

Explore the haunted history of iconic St. Augustine locations while listening to authentic accounts about the pirates who once roamed the streets.

Meeting LocationTour Meeting Location: 31 Orange St, St. Augustine, FL 32084

Tour TimeTour Times: Email for availability

Tour LengthTour Length: 1 Hour

Tour WeatherGhost tours are held nightly, rain or shine!

A pillar in the middle of downtown St. Augustine
Tickets Start At $29

Old City Ghosts Ghosts Ultimate Dead of Night Haunted Ghost Tour

Venture past St. Augustine's charming facade deep into the dead of night to encounter some of the city's most shocking ghost stories and encounters.

Meeting LocationTour Meeting Location: 2 St George St, St. Augustine, FL 32084

Tour TimeTour Times: 10:00 PM

Tour LengthTour Length: 90 Minutes

Tour WeatherGhost tours are held nightly, rain or shine!

Boos and Booze
Tickets Start At $30

Old City Ghosts Booze and Boos Haunted Pub Crawl

Taste devilishly delicious drinks in America's oldest city at the finest watering holes inhabited by the spirits that imbibed long before you.

Meeting LocationTour Meeting Location: 8 Carrera St, St. Augustine, FL 32084

Tour TimeTour Times: 5:45 PM

Tour LengthTour Length: 2 Hours

Tour WeatherGhost tours are held nightly, rain or shine!

Visit the Most Haunted Places in St. Augustine

Since its founding several centuries ago, St. Augustine has been a hotbed of excitement and intrigue. The area has both physical and spiritual connections to a truly meaningful historical legacy. You could read about the Spanish occupation, the area’s connection with the slave trade, or the city’s struggle with bloodthirsty pirates.

Still, those accounts will skip over the true strangeness happenings to individuals now as a result of that history every single day. Join our St. Augustine ghost tour to experience that horrifying truth in person, at night, in the locations where it all took place. You will feel like a part of the city’s deranged and ghostly history.


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The Casablanca Inn

While beautifully appointed today, the Casablanca Inn remains one of St. Augustine’s most haunted locations. It started as a refuge for traveling salespeople and a home for families. Though the woman who owned it struggled financially, she found ways to keep it open. In the days of prohibition, she felt enticed to allow illegal rum runners to smuggle alcohol into the city. She let them hide out in her hotel and sell the alcohol to her guests.


A1A Aleworks

A1A Aleworks is an excellent spot to get a cold beverage in St. Augustine – but there’s a little more in store than just a pint of beer. Rumors run amok that the city’s first residents still haunt the building. Buried in a cemetery below the structure, these discontented souls roam its halls, including three small, eerie children.


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The Spanish Military Hospital

The Spanish Military Hospital in St. Augustine was once the famed site of miserable treatments passed off as healthcare. The building sits atop an ancient burial ground, whose identity is still a bit of a mystery. At first, many thought it was the Timucuan Indians, but they now believe these to be the bodies of an original native tribe forced out or killed by genocide by the Timucuans.


Test your bravery, and join us!


What to Expect on Your St. Augustine Ghost Tour

Old City Ghosts takes you through 8 to 12 different sites in one of St. Augustine’s most haunted areas, with each location ratcheting up the tension more and more. Meet your experienced tour guide out front of 26 Toques Place at least 15 minutes before your tour’s scheduled departure time. The standard tour takes about an hour and walks you through several landmark locations in the area. If you select the extended tour, you will get another 40 minutes of chilling stories and historical locations.

The St. Augustine ghost tour route is a great way to see some of historic St. Augustine’s most amazing sites while experiencing the ghostly atmosphere of the city’s most haunted locations. This tour is perfect for first-time visitors to the Ancient City and seasoned locals alike.

This is a family-friendly attraction, so bring everyone, kids, friends, or a date to an Old City ghost tour! We’ll make sure that you have an informative, memorable, and slightly terrifying night. This tour books up fast, so reserve your spot today!



Discover the Horrors That Haunt St. Augustine

Learn about the inn that was saved thanks to a ghost from the time of bootleggers.

Visit brick buildings that once housed the likes of famous Chicago mobsters and gangsters.

Discover every quaint inn, trendy restaurant, and historical landmark that’s built upon a grisly and bloody past.

Check out the Conquistador period landmark and see the darkened underbelly of one of America’s most haunted cities.

Take a walk along the same paths as ancient Native American warriors, Spanish Conquistadors, and dishonorable pirates.


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Why You Should Book Your St. Augustine Ghost Tour Tonight!


All the locations have been key in the long and important history of the oldest continually inhabited European settlement in North America. Not only will you get a vivid look into the history, but you will be able to recall the facts because they are a crucial part of the terrifying and memorable stories of human misery and ghostly hauntings.

For example, in St Augustine, the first church was built around the year 1500, somewhere during its hard, early days, several children died within, in mysterious circumstances. They were quickly buried in a shallow grave and covered by a thick timber joist. Flash forward to a wine store on the same spot doing renovations in 2016, and they needed to remove that very same joist.

An Archeologist uncovered the remains, and a recent whole slew of ghostly sightings of maimed and disfigured children that had been seen in the wine bar started to make much more sense.


While the tours are scary, they are also family-friendly and completely accessible. At just over a Disney movie in length, the standard tour will keep even the shortest attention span engrossed in history, culture and human stories to entertain and thrill!

Like the story of Plaza de la Constitución – the site of the oldest public park in the United States. Also, the place where the necks of dozens of the different invaders of the city were broken by the hangman’s noose!  You’ll hear the story of the surprise morning fog that enveloped a local resident on their way to work.


The ghost tour is fun, even for the non-believer. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, you will enjoy the stories told and learning more about each location.


Whether you are traveling through or staying for a while, or even if you live here, the Old City Ghosts tours are a must-do!


The tours fill that awkward time slot after dinner but before bed, the daytime has several other demands placed on it which is why an evening ghost tour is a perfect way to get more out of your trip. There are different start times to choose from and the standard tour wraps up in around 60 mins and finishes right in the middle of town, an easy hop to your next destination.